In 2015 Judith Biedermann released her first Album called "Both sides of love". On the album are 13 pop songs and one bonus track. The title "both sides of love" stands for two kind of songs, the ones written with heartache and the ones about fulfilled love.

The album was recorded and mixed in Germany at the studios of FLiXBi MUSIC

The album is available on iTunes. You can also order it on this website via contact.



In 2015 the band nevertheless released its first album. Judith is a singer in this pop band. Next to some cover versions of songs like "Wings", "Valerie" or "Numb" you can also listen to self-composed songs of Judith Biedermann.

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The new album of the choir zug was released in January 2016. Judith Biedermann had the honour to sing as a soloist.

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