singing lessons in zug

You as a singer are in the center of my singing lessons. Your wishes and aims in singing will define the content of the lessons. Possible topics might be:

  •  sing high notes powerfully

  •  find a different sound colour for your voice

  •  sing longer notes

  •  understand what support is and use it whilst singing

My task as your teacher is to help you to achieve your goals with giving you tools and tricks. These tools are based on CVT. You don‘t necessarily need knowledge about the technique.

If you are interested in learning more about the complete vocal technique you find some informations below.


Complete vocal technique in four pages.p
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Vocal coach

Judith Biedermann studied singing in Freiburg (DE) in 2013/2014.

In June 2017 she graduated as a CVT teacher. She studied for three years in Copenhagen at the Complete Vocal Institute, one of the greatest singing institution in Europe.

Judith has more than 10 years stage experience either as a lead singer, in ensembles or in choirs. Furthermore, Judith has always been training her voice in classical and rhythmical singing since early years.


lessons à 50 minutes


1 lesson               75 Francs

6 lessons             425 Francs (5% discount)

12 lessons           810 Francs (10% discount)

Are you interested in taking singing lessons? Please feel free to contact me.